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Leaf stars

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Pink sweatshirts

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I’m trying to work with colored pencils. It’s not easy. They don’t seem to scan well at all. The colors are always a little off, and they sometimes just look muddy. But they don’t have a lot of cleanup, which is always a plus.

Anyway, this is a fan drawing inspired by W-Two Worlds (a Korean drama). Note illustrator Puuung in the background. 🙂


Jongjoo Staring

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Quick line drawing of Lee Jong Suk/Han Hyo Joo, MBC awards ceremony 2016. I confess I miss all the staring…



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I haven’t done Illustration Friday in sooooo long. And this isn’t brilliant. But I’ve been playing a bit with ink and angles, so I think I’ll put this up. When someone looks up to you from below, it makes you feel important. Even if you’re only 11.


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Too late, Horatio realized his scheduling error.


Illustration Friday: Strong

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Babies have to have incredibly strong persistence to try so many impossible things each day. Every time they fall, they get up and try again. Every time they fail to lift something heavy, they try again. The fact that they are small and the mountain is huge has simply never entered their heads.