IF–Lost (alternate)

IF--Lost (alternate)

I drew this woman while waiting at a doctor’s office. She looks lost, like things aren’t turning out the way she expected/hoped. I think I always feel a bit lost at the doctor’s–things are out of my control, sometimes medical professionals don’t tell you anything unless it’s bad or you ask, and there is always the uncertainty of What Happens Next. (Usually, it involves something pointy and painful.) If you stay for any length of time at the hospital, it just gets worse. You don’t wear your own clothes and you don’t have your usual routine, so you lose track of what day it is. When you come out, it’s like the world has gone on without you, and you’re scrambling to catch up.


One Response to “IF–Lost (alternate)”

  1. Great sketch! The expression on het face is very realistic. And that in just a few lines.

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