I’ve missed a couple weeks due to everyone in my house having the flu, but I’m back with “Fast.” I like the composition, but I don’t like the coloring at all. Partly it’s due to the scanning and materials–non-art-grade colored pencil on the equivalent of printer paper–but part of it is my general ignorance of atmospheric perspective and color theory. So uh, I’m open to constructive criticism here.

Babies are ALWAYS faster than their parents when it comes to getting into things!IF-fast


4 Responses to “IF–Fast”

  1. You draw children really well! Do you use reference? I agree with you, the composition is very good. šŸ™‚

  2. Rose Green Says:

    Thanks–I have five kids, and often use them as references. Sometimes I have them run around doing specific things and take pictures of them to refer to, and sometimes I sketch them live. It’s not easy to draw with so much er…help–but I just feel like I can’t let all my free models go to waste!

  3. I agree with Andy, the drawing is excellent.

    The color isn’t bad. The materials and scanning may have a lot to do with how it looks. You could trace the outline of the drawing one or more times and then experiment with color/medium/papers if you want, or start a new image to experiment with.

    I don’t feel like the color is off so much as it is maybe not the right medium, or the right medium but the wrong paper, or something. With the style of this picture, it might look really nice with a mix of colored pencils and watercolor pencils on heavier paper. It would help soften the picture and you could sharpen up the areas you want with the regular colored pencil. Just a thought.

  4. Rose Green Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, Stephanie! Last night I realized I have books by both Marla Frazee and Helen Oxenbury out, and so I took a look at the color and also what they were drawn/painted on. MF uses a combo of pencil and watercolor (on heavier paper, like you suggested), so I think I’ll have to try that. I just feel like I need something smoother and more solid for a picture like this.

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