The one germ that will never be extinct is cooties!


8 Responses to “IF–Germ”

  1. Stephanie Says:


  2. amazing, It´s an excellent aboard about the subject! Really nice!

  3. Love the action…….

  4. This is such a great take on the topic. I love the nostalgic feeling.

  5. well drawn… kiddies do carry lots of germs huh? 🙂

  6. This is a beautiful beautiful drawing. It makes me long for the days when my own kids “suffered” from this disease.

  7. The pencil crayon coluoring is so delicate against the harsh white background that I think the black drags it down quite a bit, in places it makes your figures look quite grubby and it gives a certain stiffness to the poses that should seem to energetic and lively. Maybe you could emphasise the form with a brown or dark red crayon, or only define edges in the heavier regions on the composition. It is a lovely illo though, you seem to have very accurately recorded the poses and the hair is particularly nicely rendered. Nice job.

    Adam Foster-Fahy

  8. Rose Green Says:

    Thanks for the comments. Adam, that’s a good idea about the outlining; I’ll have to try brown or red next time. (I was a little afraid of losing the faces once I’d caught them the way I wanted if I did it without the outline.) But the pink looks funny, too (too yellow), like the reproduction didn’t quite get the color right, either. So I’ll likely mess with that next time, too.

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