Recently I ran across an article about the discovery of 30,000-year-old thread. They found, among other colors, pink. People used to think that cavemen were primitive and unintelligent, yet recent discoveries indicate complicated human development deeper and deeper into the past. When I see the art of ice age painters, it is obvious to me that they were complex people, with a sense of art that I can easily relate to–even 30,000 years later. To me, art is a part of the human psyche that has no beginning and no end, infinite and eternal.


6 Responses to “IF–Infinity”

  1. What about before humans existed, wouldnt that be a definitive starting point? Nice image, great texture and I particulary like the negative space drawing of the hand.

    Adam Foster-Fahy

  2. Superb job and take on the topic. Really fascinating bit of info there too!

  3. Wonderful info and strong texturized imagery!

  4. Hello! Hello!

    You are absolutely right! Those cavemen they are very smart. They were getting drunk a lot and so their wives put the beer on the top shelf and that is how they learned to stand erect, an act that differentiated them from other primates. Hehe!

    Oops, sorry we just met. I have to be serious. Yes, yes PINK! oh my. It may be that pink is a prinmitive color after all? It may have been diluted sangre?

    I love your illustration and the two below. Nice meeting you!

  5. Hi there! Ces from Ces and Her Dishes (blog) sent me over here because of the mention of pink thread found in a cave. That is so amazing that the thread survived this long and I am not surprised that cavemen and women were more complex than scientists think. It’s amazing that they discovered that, though!

  6. I just think it’s amazing that it lasted that long!

    Really, if you look at paleolithic art, it’s impossible to believe that they just grunted and scratched their chests all the time. We might not know much about them, but they are a part of us, you know?

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