Children welcome new experiences every day.


11 Responses to “IF–Welcome”

  1. I can totally picture my nephews doing this. 🙂

  2. Wonderful sketch! I love the little boy and his ‘desire’ to take care of his pet.

  3. Oh, what a lovelly sentiment and illustration!

  4. Very nice, Rose 🙂

  5. Wonderful, you can really draw…which makes me embarrassed to ask: is that a pig or a goat or what? Sorry to be so dim, it’s a lovely little piece despite my “blindness”!

  6. Thanks! It’s a pig–its face is turned somewhat, or you’d see the telltale snout.

  7. Wonderful drawing! The little boy’s gesture is perfect. Very sweet image.

  8. we like your drawings! very nice and lively style
    thank you for your comment…

  9. Oh beautiful. Wonderful, wonderful pencil work. This is just lovely…

  10. Wonderful illo!! And thanks for your lovely comment!! (^v^)

  11. It’s very well done , portraying such sweet innocence !
    Take care and love your work !

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