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Recently I ran across an article about the discovery of 30,000-year-old thread. They found, among other colors, pink. People used to think that cavemen were primitive and unintelligent, yet recent discoveries indicate complicated human development deeper and deeper into the past. When I see the art of ice age painters, it is obvious to me that they were complex people, with a sense of art that I can easily relate to–even 30,000 years later. To me, art is a part of the human psyche that has no beginning and no end, infinite and eternal.



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Children welcome new experiences every day.

Illustration Friday: Strong

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Babies have to have incredibly strong persistence to try so many impossible things each day. Every time they fall, they get up and try again. Every time they fail to lift something heavy, they try again. The fact that they are small and the mountain is huge has simply never entered their heads.